🇪🇸ASS~as~SEEN’s cREED🇩🇪

#Pics credit Instagram
cosplay by @thesilentviolin ⚓

#Ass~as~SEEN’s cREED

I love your hoodie🛶
Shake that bodie🍑
Call me kudddie💃
Don’t be greedie
Hear melodies 🎼
#pics credit Instagram
cosplay by @thesilentviolin⚓

Mysterious Place

#mysterious place

When I was 13 I had my first love up above the sky it was really a mysterious Place ,

One day I was roaming around the village at evening time , I was tired due to I walked very far from my home,so I was sitting near one ROCKEY MOUNTAIN 🗻 top , I was sitting near big rock under the big tree bcoz that day heavy raining in area .

Then I suddenly heard female voice ,I was looking around to see who’s voice was that but I can’t see anybody around me and due to heavy raining and thunderstorms I can’t hear properly ………(to be continue)nxt post.

Sky FuLL of cLOUDs StORY

#sky clouds story

L!ON chasing the meat bone ,
PeaCoCk waiting for rain~bow .

#sky clouds poem

🦁 : oh my deer🦌
🦃 :come to near⛈️
Don’t waste your tears
Let’s have some beer🍺
Together we can cheers 🍻
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